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Jan 14th

Why it is so important to have a contract

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Hello All My Beautiful Brides To Be,
Recently I find myself having a repetitive conversation amongst my stylist friends…. The CONTRACT! I find it is so important to have a contract for both the stylist and the customer (you). Why do I think this is important?? There are actually several reasons, but the most important is that I find the contract gives us both some clarity about what is to be expected. I cannot tell you how many frantic Brides call me 2 days before their wedding and say “my salon just cancelled, can you take my party?!” If you have a contract and have paid a deposit to your stylist it is a guarantee that the stylist will not cancel your wedding 2 days before your wedding!! In fact I take my contract so seriously that once received there is no way I would cancel, if I fall ill or have a family emergency on the day of your wedding I am contractually obligated to you to have a professional backup stylist and a backup plan for all my contracted weddings… Don’t you want peace of mind going into your wedding day, your wedding week, your wedding month?
The contract is also so important because you should know based on the contract how much your total bill would be. The prices once contracted will not go up. A contract if read will not allow any shock factors on your wedding day. Who wants to have anxiety and stress on their wedding day?
For a stylist a contract guarantees that she will have the number of services specified for that date. It is so important for a stylist to know how many services are requested so that they know if they can take another wedding that day. Let’s face it I specialize in weddings it’s what I do, if a bridal party or a person in the party decides last minute they wish to cancel I have no way to make up that money and is a loss a stylist who only does weddings cannot afford.

Before you book your wedding with a salon that does not require a contract I suggest you reflect and decide how important it is to you to have a guarantee for your wedding day that your salon/stylists will:
Show up
Be on time
Know exactly what is expected
Know what the final bill will be
Conduct business in a professional manner
I wish you all a very happy 2014 wedding!
Sara G

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